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Frank Spotnitz

Award-winning American writer and producer best known for his work on ‘The X-Files’ (USA)

“SERIAL EYES is utterly unique, providing a crucial bridge between the best working methods in Europe and in Hollywood. It gives working writers and producers the tools they need to learn how to better collaborate and deliver world-class drama series. I’m very excited to be a part of the program.”


Sven Clausen

Became a three time Emmy winner for the drama series Unit One (2002), The Eagle (2005), and The Protectors (2009)

“With several drama series winning the Emmy and with growing international attention, including later series such as The Killing and Borgen, the Danish way of creating TV series seems to be in focus. Among the reasons for our success is the simple fact that for a decade Denmark has worked the American way, understanding the importance of the writer and the writer’s room.
SERIAL EYES is the first European educational program which benefits from that understanding, exploring the role of the ‘showrunner’ as well as introducing the specific methods and processes for creating TV series.”

KLaus Zimmermann

Klaus Zimmermann

Managing Partner, Dynamic Television (Germany/ France)

“SERIAL EYES is a unique programme that fits the needs on one hand to teach European screenwriters and producers the more industrialized way of working creatively and on the other hand responds to the European TV landscape’s growing need for diversified, yet global thinking talent.“

Tom Fontana

Tom Fontana

Fontana has written and produced such groundbreaking television series as St. Elsewhere, Homicide: Life on the Street, and Oz. He is a Writer/ Producer (USA)

“Europe is on fire with an array of brilliant television programs — a fire fueled by its writers. Serial Eyes is a key ingredient in developing the showrunners who will dominate the future.”

Jana Burbach (Alumni 2014_15) video testimonial

Heather Imani (Alumni 2013_14) video testimonial

“We cannot change the European TV market over night, but with SERIAL EYES I have learned how we could develop outstanding drama series in an ideal TV world. So the programme has encouraged me to keep working on making a difference – it is possible.”
Wiebke Esser, Alumni
“SERIAL EYES not only helped me to grow as a writer, it also opened so many doors for me in the industry. I am truly grateful for this experience and would recommend it to every young writer or producer who wants to make television better!”
Alexander Lindh, Alumni
“In SERIAL EYES you are not treated as students, but as professionals. And with all the projects you develop, you really learn the craft by doing, not by theorizing about it. It’s the best there is.”
Ludovico Purgatori, Alumni